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Imagine you are holding in your hand a lemon. A bright yellow lemon with shiny, puckered skin.

Bring it up to your nose and inhale the citrus smell.

Take your other hand and peel back a big piece of the skin to expose the white pith and the juicy fruit underneath.

Now bring the lemon up to your mouth and bite right down into it, sucking in all the juices….

Salivating, right? Like most people, you probably started salivating once I asked you to imagine a lemon in your hand. And biting into it -- how was that? You have just used the power of your mind to create a physical change in your body in about 15 seconds.

Imagine what you can do with a little more time and some very positive suggestions!


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Hypnosis is a complementary tool, and should never be used in place of qualified medical advice. Never start or stop any medication, therapy or treatment simply because you are trying hypnosis. Read this important DISCLAIMER.


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