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Personalized Consultation Half Price!A Brief Guide To Self Hypnosis
  1. Prepare the Environment: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed; no telephone or other interruptions. As you practice, you'll be able to do this in any environment, but when you're beginning, find as quiet as place as possible. You can do this in bed as you're falling asleep at night.
  2. Prepare Yourself: Tell yourself silently or out loud that you are going to do self hypnosis. Then tell yourself silently or out loud how long you want to remain in the trance. Fifteen to twenty minutes is fine to begin with however, after a few weeks practise you may decide to make it last longer. For longer sessions, be sitting up as you practice, otherwise you may fall asleep.
  3. Relax Your Body: Take several deep, slow breaths. This type of breathing slows down the brain waves and automatically begins relaxing the body. As you breathe out imagine you are breathing away any nervous tension left in your body. Make sure you breathe diaphragmatically, so as you breathe in your stomach goes out, and as you breathe out your stomach goes in. You can also say the word Relax on every out breath if you wish. Continue this breathing pattern until you feel relaxed and ready to stop.
  4. Relax Your Mind: Distracting thoughts may come into your mind, allow them to float right out again without following them. Focus on your breathing or your relaxing body; hypnosis is all about heightened concentration, focus, and relaxation. Keep your mind on what you're doing.
  5. Test Yourself: Bring your attention to your closed eyelids. Relax those muscles so completely that you couldn't possibly relax them any more. Your muscles must do what your mind instructs, so tell yourself that your eyelids are so relaxed that even if you try to open them, they just won't move. Test yourself to make sure you cannot open your eyes (of course you'll be able to open them at any time, and you'll know that on a conscious level, but allowing your conscious mind to accept the suggestion that your eyelids are too relaxed to work is the gateway to hypnosis and the subconscious mind).
  6. Go Deeper: When you pass the "eye test," you are in light trance state. Silently and slowly count from 10 down to 1, imagining that your body and mind become more and more relaxed with each number. You may visualize yourself going down a staircase with each number, or on an elevator or escalator going down.
  7. Give Yourself Suggestions: Now is the time to give yourself some positive suggestions or affirmations. You may decide the wording before you start or just have a very relaxed conversation with yourself; just make sure they all relate to one chosen goal at a time. Silently repeat the suggestions over and over, being very direct, brief and positive. Work on one goal at a time , over about 3 weeks.

    Always state suggestions as if they are a reality and in the present. This is very important as your subconscious mind believes exactly what it is told. Accentuate the positive

    Do NOT say: "I want to be confident."
    DO say: "I am a very confident person.

    Do NOT say: "I don't want to be anxious."
    DO say: "I am calm, cool, and in control."

    You may boost the effectiveness of your sessions by creating images in your imagination of you at your goal, while you repeat the suggestions. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, visualize yourself at your goal weight, in as much detail as possible. Remember, your unconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined, so the more you imagine a positive future situation or event the more you compound your inner belief that you are calm, confident and in control in these situations.
  8. End Your Session: When you feel its time to end, slowly and mentally count up from 1 to 5. When you reach the number 5 your eyes will open and you will be wide awake with a feeling of well being all over. However if you practise before going to sleep do not count up from 1 to 5, tell yourself beforehand that it will turn into a natural deep sleep from which you will wake up in the morning feeling positive and refreshed.

Don't worry if you try self hypnosis and don't think much happened at first or you could not see much in the visualization. Suggestion are effective even in the lightest of trances, so you will see changes soon. Repetition is the key to getting a new pattern into the subconscious mind, so keep at it! We all get better with practice, and before long you'll see just how easy and empowering it is to create the life, body, and bank account you want!

*Adapted from Glenn Harrold M.B.S.C.H Dip C.H

Hypnosis is a complementary tool, and should never be used in place of qualified medical advice. Never start or stop any medication, therapy or treatment simply because you are trying hypnosis. Read this important DISCLAIMER.

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