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Personalized Consultation Half Price!"I just wanted to let you know that we went to Stowe, VT, for a couple days last weekend and it went very well. Hardly any anxiety at all!"
- L.F., Norwalk, CT

"Our last hypnosis session was FABULOUS!  You helped me tremendously!  I have changed so much! I don't question myself like I used to. What a heavy weight that was, carrying that unnecessary load! I am so glad you came along! That load would have only gotten heavier!"
- S.A., Orange, PA

"I listened to the special recording you made for me this afternoon and went immediately into the light, relaxed trance you promised. Can't wait to try it again in the morning before work. Judging from the pleasant smiles I received today from store clerks, gas station attendant, strangers on line, and coworkers, I must have appeared pretty darn pleasant myself. You can imagine how wonderful that felt! "
- C.B., Cortlandt, NY

Via Hypnosis NY

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